Sabre is a specialized IT-Partner for the Travel industry, offering a Travel Management solution. Via the Sabre computer systems, travel agencies worldwide can request availability and book cars.

The online reservation system offers real time pricing and availability as well as detailed additional information such as; taxes, additional costs and insurances. Bookings are confirmed within seconds and all detailed information will be provided.

The GDS code for Hertz is ZE.
Please visit our E-Learning section on HertzHeroes for additional Sabre E-learning’s, making it even easier for you to book Hertz.

For the Hertz Sabre Guide, please click here.

To further instruct you, specialized training is available for you are the Sabre Homepage This will make the booking process easier, efficient and more productive.

Is it possible to book a Hertz car via Sabre?

Yes, the entry for Hertz is ZE.

Where can I find the Sabre GDS entries for CAR?

 At HertzHeroes via Hertzipedia or our E-Learnings.

Where can I find the Sabre manuals?

At HertzHeroes  or at the Sabre website .