Billing Number

What is a billing number?
Companies who have a Hertz Account are linked to a so called billing number. This 12 digit number must be provided when a booking is made.

Why do I need a Billing number?
In case a Billing number is used, the billing number (company) will be charged for all rental costs. When the booking is made with Full Credit Voucher, the so called E-Vouchers are an easy to use payment method within car rental, therefore the Hertz Billing number is required as opposed to the credit card. E-Vouchers need to be activated on an IATA level and for each specific billing number.

E-Voucher are available in almost all European countries as in the USA. The GDS system will display a message in the instance that an E-Voucher is not accepted in a specific country. An alternative Payment method needs to be chosen when you receive this message.

How can I request a Billing number?
Billing numbers can only be requested via your Hertz Account Manager, as a contract needs to be setup or amended. The contact details of your Hertz Account Manager can be found on the contact section of HertzHeroes. The customer/agency also needs to have a minimum revenue in order to apply for a Billing number. The billing number will be setup after passing a Credit Check.


Can all travel agencies/customers request a Billing Number at Hertz?

No, only if passed the credit check and complied to the minimum revenue. 

Is a billing number obligatory to issue (e-)Vouchers?

Yes, (e-)Vouchers can only been issued when a billing number is setup.

How long does it take to activate a billing number for E-Vouchers?

The activation can take up to 10 days.