Companies who have a Hertz Account (billing number) will use in most cases paper vouchers, which have to be completed by hand. These details do not need to be provided in the booking.

The E-Vouchers are an easy to use Payment method within car rental, therefore the Hertz Billing number is required as appose to the credit card. E-Vouchers need to be activated on an IATA level and for each specific billing number. Please contact our customer service desk for E-Voucher activation.

E-Voucher are available in almost all European countries and in the USA. The GDS system will display a message in the instance that an E-Vouchers is not accepted in a specific country. An alternative Payment method needs to be chosen when you receive this message.

There are two types of (E-)vouchers. The partial credit voucher and the full credit voucher.

The partial credit voucher is issued for a specified amount. This amount needs to be provided in the booking. When issuing partial credit vouchers, you need to enter the appropriate national currency.

It’s essential for your customer to provide a credit card when the vehicle is collected. This credit card will be used in case of damages and/or other local accepted extras.

Full Credit (E-)Vouchers are not limited for any amount, and the company linked to the billing number will be charged for all rental costs incurred. When a full credit voucher has been issued for rental, your customer will not have to provide a credit card when the car is collected.

E-Voucher are not only available for companies, travel agents can also issue them. In cases that the rental needs to be charged to a company and/or travel agency, then you need to enter the billing number into the booking.

Billing numbers can only be requested via your Hertz Account Manager, as a contract needs to be setup or amended. The contact details of your Hertz Account Manager, can be found on the contact section of HertzHeroes.


Does every customer and travel agency a Hertz Billing Number to issue vouchers?

No, billing numbers need to be requested at the Hertz Account Manager.  

Which types of (E-)Vouchers can be used?

There are partial credit vouchers and full credit vouchers.

Why is the use of E-Voucher an advantage?

The customer can be invoiced directly and the traveler doesn’t have to pay anything locally.