Payment options

Hertz accepts various payment methods such as; Credit Card, Hertz Charge Cards (HCC), Airplus and customers with a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number. It’s not necessary to enter the preferred Payment method when you make a booking. There are some exceptions whereby you have to enter the Payment method when you make a booking. One example for such case are Full Credit Vouchers.

1. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards
When your customer is registered with Hertz Gold Plus he will have to register the preferred Payment method for his bookings. When a booking is made with the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards ID, you do not have to provide the payment method yourself. The information stored on the Hertz Gold Plus profile, will be pre populated into the reservations and therefore you do not need to enter the payment details manually.

Payment methods within Gold Plus Rewards are; Credit Card, AirPlus and/or Hertz Charge Card (HCC). Please note, only your customer is familiar with the chosen payment method uploaded to their Gold Profile. Due to data protection, you cannot access this information

2. Credit Card
For most bookings it’s essential to provide a Credit Card, however some of the exceptions are Air Plus or Hertz Gold Plus ID.

The GDS entries for the different Credit Cards are:

American Express /G-AXXXXXXX
Master Card /G-MCXXXXXX

3. Hertz Charge Cards
There are a lot of companies who use the Hertz Charge Card for their bookings. The Hertz Charge Card or billing number is linked to the specific Company, who will be charged and invoiced for the bookings.

The GDS entry for Hertz Charge Cards is /G-ZE26XXXXXXXX


4. Voucher
Companies who have a Hertz Account (billing number) will use in most cases paper vouchers, which have to be completed by hand. These details do not need to be provided in the booking.

The so-called E-vouchers are an easy to use payment method within car rental, therefore the Hertz Billing number as opposed to the credit card. E-vouchers must be activated at the IATA level and for each specific billing number. Please contact our customer service desk for e-voucher activation.

E-Voucher are available in almost all European countries and in the USA. The GDS system will display a message in the instance that an E-Vouchers is not accepted in a specific country. An alternative Payment method needs to be chosen when you receive this message.


Which payment methods are accepted by Hertz?

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Nummer, Credit Card, AirPlus, Hertz Charge Cards and (E-)Voucher.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Nummer, Credit Card, AirPlus, Hertz Charge Cards and (E-)Voucher

Can all Gold Plus members add their preferred payment method?

Yes, it’s obligatory to enter payment details in Hertz Gold Plus.

Why is AirPlus an exception as Credit Card?

AirPlus is a virtual credit card and not accepted in all countries.