Hertz Carfirmation


Avoid having to queue at the location!

With Carfirmation we will send your customer an email message to inform him/her which vehicle they will be driving, the registration number and where it is parked. At Hertz Gold counter bypass branches we will also tell you the parking bay number the car is parked in, so you can go straight to your car and get on your way. At other Hertz branches, you need to pick up the keys and contract from a Hertz representative.

This results in your customer going straight to the car, avoiding delays and immediately starting the journey.

This free of charge service is only available if your customer has a Gold Profile with Hertz. It is available at major branches in Europe and the US.

What are the benefits of Hertz Carfirmation?

The pick up of the car is much faster for your customer making sure to start his journey without any delays.

At which locations is Carfirmation available?

Carfirmation is available at major branches in Europe and the US.

Can all customers benefit from Carfirmation?

No, only Gold Plus members can benefit from this service.