Pick-up & drop-off outside opening hours

What if the rental location is closed at the preferred pick-up time?

Pick-up or drop-off of cars outside the regular opening hours is possible at most locations. Locations will charge additional costs in the event a car being collected outside of opening hours. Please contact our reservations centre if you wish to check the availability and cost for an out of hours service for your rental.

You can enter the drop off or pick up location in the GDS system via the entries underneath.
Drop Off Location: /DO-
Pick Up Location: /PUP-

Can your customer pick-up a car after opening hours?

Yes,  pick-up of cars outsite the regular opening hours is at most locations possible. Locations will charge additional costs in case a car is picked up outside opening hours.

How can you book a pick-up outside opening hours?

 Pick-up outside opening hours must be booked via the Hertz Reservations desk as additional information is needed.

How can you contact the Hertz Reservations desk?

Contact details can be found on the Hertz Heroes website under contact.