Hertz Gold Choice

gold choice prod and ser

Let your customer take control and choose his preferred car at the station.

With Hertz Gold Choice your customer can drive their preferred car without any extra costs. The car will be ready and waiting on arrival, plus the freedom to choose something different on the spot at no extra charge. It’s the ultimate in car rental satisfaction for your customers.

If you reserve a Compact car or larger, different models and colours are available at no extra cost. Just lnform your customers to follow the signs to the Gold Choice area and pick the car they want.

With Hertz Gold Choice, your customer always avoids the counter and go's straight to the pre assigned car and if a Gold Choice alternative is chosen, we will reassign the vehicle on the spot without wasting any time.

Hertz Gold Choice is now available in Europe and USA at selected locations.

The availability of Gold Choice can be requested via our website and/or via the GDS.

Is Hertz Gold Choice available at all stations?

No, only in selected countries in Europe and USA

Can all customers benefit Gold Choiche?

Yes, all customers registered with Gold Plus and who have booked a catagory „C“ or higher.

Will the rental contract changed directly upon pickup?

Yes and with no additional time spent.