Hertz Gold Standard Clean


As of the COVID-19 virus Hertz is introducing the all-new ‘Hertz Gold Standard Clean’ service.

Every Hertz vehicle will be sealed and certified ‘Hertz Gold Standard Clean,’ after undergoing a 15-point cleaning and sanitization process that follows Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

Also our colleagues in the stations will keep the encompassing vehicles, shuttle buses, counters and other areas as clean as possible regarding the guidelines. Our Customer areas are cleaned every two hours and all employees must maintain a social distance of at least 1 to 2 meters, depending on each country specific regulation. We will ensure our employees are equipped with the required protection equipment following each local government instructions.

If vehicle is returned and any exposure to coronavirus is expected, we will keep the vehicle from being entered for minimum 48 hours, then we will clean the vehicle using our new cleaning and sanitation process.

If customer reports they have or believe they have the coronavirus and want to return vehicle but can’t, we will collect the vehicle ensuring that it has been locked for a minimum period of 48 hours taking the necessary measures (gloves / masks) to avoid any contamination. Once the vehicle is returned to the location, we will take the appropriate steps to have it thoroughly disinfected. While the vehicle is waiting to be cleaned, it will be placed on a hold to prevent rental.

Hertz is focused and committed to getting travelers where they need to be safely and with confidence!

This is now available in select locations and rolling out in Europe and nationwide in May.

Hertz Gold Clean